Our Lady of the Pillar

Silver gilt, filigree, garnets, pearls and enamels
Zaragoza, 1696-1715
H : 32 cm


Juan F. Esteban Lorente, El punzon de la plateria y de los plateros zaragozanos desde el siglo XV al XIX, p. 84.


The apparition of the Virgin in Zaragoza, at the top of a fragment of an ancient column, is seems to have occurred on January 2, 39 AC. In memory of this miracle, the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar was built. The devotion to the Virgin of Zaragoza is at the origin  of many jewels and goldsmith's pieces celebrating this apparition, including this work, of a remarkable technical mastery. The coat has the particularity of being worked entirely in filigree. It is enhanced with a central pearl and garnets.

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Our Lady of the Pillar