Knife and fork in a case

Silver, niello, steel, leather
Low-Countries, unmarked, circa 1610-1620
L : 16 cm


Georg Laue, Kostbare bestecke für die kunstkammern europas, 2010, n° 44.


This set consists of a double-toothed fork and a knife with a rounded tip, the handles of which are made of engraved and nielloed silver, decorated with engravings representing the Nativity and the Annunciation. The case has a silver gilt mounts with floral scrolls, carved on the front side and engraved on the back.
This model, decorated with engravings, is found mainly in the Northern Netherlands, but also in Antwerp. At the time, cutlery was often worn on the belt in a leather case or a small sheath, as is the case here.

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Knife and fork in a case