Silver and ivory
Germany, circa 1640
Coat of arms of the Bishop of Bamberg, Melchior Voit von Salzburg (1603-1653)
L : 7,2 cm
With a CITES certificate n° 2023/BE00116/CE


The finely engraved silver leaves represent on the front the coat of arms of Melchior Otto Voit von Salzburg (1603-1653), and on the back the Adoration of the Magi. Inside are four ivory leaves, on which it was possible to write with a pen with a lead tip.
This type of object, known also as « aide mémoire », is rarely marked and this one bears, quite exceptionally, the owner's coat of arms. Voit von Salzburg was appointed Prince Bishop of Bamberg in 1642 and in 1647 he founded the Academia Ottoniana.

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