Silver and Imary porcelaine
Liège, 1716
Lambert Mottet
D : 13 cm


Brassinne, Orfèvrerie civile liégeoise,1948, Vol. IV, planche 165.
Magie de l’orfèvrerie, Pandora, 2000, Vol. I, p. 97, N° 116.


Created in Paris at the beginning of the 18th century, the Trembleuse was a cup with a deep saucer that ensured the stability of the container, thus avoiding spilling the drink contained inside. These pieces were generally made of porcelain, but there are also examples where the saucer is made of silver, with a border to prevent the cup from slipping.
This piece from Liège, completed by an Imari porcelain cup, is part of a series of four Trembleuses.

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